Fntty Studio for Skin Fair 2020

Spring is proof that there is beauty in new beginnings – Matshona Dhliwayo

Day 3 of homeschooling during our Coronacation …. not looking good.  I’m an educator, I do this shit for a living, I’m the boss.  I feel like this has been my mantra today….I keep repeating it in my head over and over.  I don’t understand why none of these little people believe me.  How did they talk me into snackies while working…there are no snackies going on around the laptops in my actual classroom.  Gabe called me a meanie cause I wouldn’t turn on Scooby-Doo till he finished his assignment (coloring a butterfly picture … so he can feel like one of the big kids).  He’s only 3 but still… you give in to one….then they allll want a concession.  Just a half-hour in and I was freaking exhausted.  This is why I teach high school. ❤

Today’s Skin Fair preview is the Fntty skin, Hyeon.  Pretty pretty pretty!  I do have some disclaimers so listen up peeps!  I don’t have the 2 original LeLUTKA Evolution heads, Erin or Nova.  I do have the newest Evolution head that’s out at Skin Fair right now, Lake….and I luf her muchly.  Thing is, most of the skin/shape designers who made skins/shapes for the Evo heads made them for Erin and/or Nova.  You know wearing a skin/shape for one head on another doesn’t always work out!  My skin from Fntty wasn’t specific….just for an Evo head, but the shape that came with it was for Erin….and it didn’t look right….like reaaaaaly not right.  I have the west end shapes, many of which are for Evo heads….none for Lake though.  I popped each one on…..most truly didn’t look good….they made my face way to wide… like I was bloated, but when I put Ava on….BAM!  There’s the winner. I don’t really look like the vendor ad….but I do like the way I look…so it’s all good. Here’s a shot of the ad….and I have a reason for showing this. ❤

If you happen to be looking through the shopping guide on the Pale Girls Productions website, or if you’re wandering through the fair and stop by the Fntty booth you will see on the Hyeon ad that she has eyeliner on…..that eyeliner is NOT on the skin you get, it’s just added makeup (that also does not come with) ….always try the demo’s first!! I put on the HD cat eyeliner from the LeLUTKA HUD to attempt a recreation of the look……not horrible! ❤

Pale Girl Productions website                   Skin Fair 2020 Shopping Guide                       Skin Fair Maps and LM’s

So here are the different shades that the Hyeon skin comes in:

As for my other thingies……also @ Skin Fair right now is the Kanji chest tattoo from TAOX….who happens to be the event partner this year for the fair!  It has dark, medium and light tones (I have the med. on) and will work on BoM, Belleza, Maitreya, Legacy, Omega, Signature, Slink and TMP.  Everybody must have picked up Lamb’s Baddie hair a few weekends ago at one the sales cause I’ve seen it out and about and on lots of pics as I scroll through Flickr.  Hard to beat 75L!  The Maxi earrings were part of a 4 pack from a weekend sale and the Blueberry top was at FLF last weekend (I think everybody picked this up also!).  The cute collar from Lab737 is way old but still super adorbs as is the pose and prop from LePoppycock ❤

Lamb. Baddie Hair
LeLUTKA.Head.Lake.1.1 @ Skin Fair 2020 on the South Sim till March 29th
LeLUTKA Eyes and Lashes from HUD
Fntty Studio – Hyeon skin for a LeLUTKA Evolution head @ Skin Fair 2020 on the South Sim till March 29th
west end shapes – Ava shape and eyebrow shape (for LeLUTKA Nova) @ Skin Fair 2020 on the North Sim till March 29th
TAOX TaTToo- Kanji Love chest tattoo @ Skin Fair 2020 on the North Sim till March 29th
Maxi Gossamer – Earrings – Turi Power Hoops
[LAB737] Bow Collar (noir)
Blueberry – FLF 3/13 – Top
Le Poppycock *Versions of April* Like a Jewel Pose and Prop (Tulip)

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