Belleza Darcey for FLF

Okay, 2 things going on here peeps!  Okay, 3….but one’s personal.  I’ve been short and sweet the last week.  We’re all stressed to some degree right now…..and will be for weeks to come.  My daughter went and got tested last week.  Just getting the test was stressful enough but we still haven’t received the results.  Her cough is worse, she constantly runs a low-grade fever and she feels like crap…and she’s cranky… is she cranky.  No respiratory problems though…so that’s a blessing.  So we deal the best we can….like everybody else.  Nobody else, including myself, have any symptoms, so it could be sinuses.  That doesn’t stop Bella (the newly dubbed virus killer) from wanting to spray Jaimie in the face constantly with disinfectant and she makes her use wipes every 10 minutes.  I do think I’m going to have a problem on my hands if she doesn’t stop calling her ‘Rona.  We’re all learning how to deal without the new normal with using pointy objects or ugly words (well, most of us are….you go on social media and it’s a freaking free for all with all the bullshit conspiracy theorists…. bless their little hearts).  Anyway….fingers crossed. ❤

So the other 2 things….

Today for FLF Belleza is offering a Darcey applier (+ BoM layers) in 4 skin tones (medium, pale, sunkissed, tan) with 5 brow options and brow shape.  I have the brow shape on and am wearing the sunkissed tone….no editing or special lighting.  Actually, all I did was crop and add my name. ❤

Big news from Genus….today they sent everyone in the GenusProject group a FREE Genus head to help relieve a little bit of stress.  We’re not talking a half-assed package….like Genus head lite or anything…..this is the freaking works as if you went and bought a head.  It’s a version of the Strong Face line and comes with the head, eyes, teeth, full HUD, animation HUD, shape, and some default skins.  I’m wearing the default shape here with the head….but the brow shape is from Belleza.  There’s not even a catch about joining the group to get one either…..AND the join fee is FREEEEEEEEE.  So, not in the group?  Look up GenusProject, join for free, look in the group notices and hit open on the notice with the head….the freeeee head.  So right now, my head and skin from Belleza would cost you 50L total….and I’m fucking adorable…so you need to do this. ❤

Stay safe ❤

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face GIFT001 – v1.7 – Mocap, wearing included default shape (FREEEEEEEEEE)
Belleza – Darcey applier for Genus in Sunkissed tone and brow shape for Fifty Linden Friday (50L)
-:zk:- Deborah necklace and earrings (400L for the set) @ The Liaison Collaborative till April 26th
[Glitzz] Passion Top – Grey
Manifeste Model 939 (100L)

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