Not ya Momma’s Easter Bunny

Okay ya’ll, as I prepare for my Saturday morning shopping spree in SL I’m here to tell you….having groceries delivered is the freaking bomb!  Ordering at the crack of dawn is apparently the way to go (I dunno, maybe, it’s my first time) cause I just opened the door a few minutes ago to a bunch of chocolate and sugar…and coffee.  It cracked me up that the delivery chick had bunny ears on.  For many of us, tomorrow is Easter and if there are kids involved (I am raising my own hand here) then there are most likely baskets of chocolate goodies and colored eggs involved (also bathing suits and cute spring jammies, cause why not).  We have a chocolate factory (I kid you not) about an hour away that has made Easter Chocolates for over 150 years….so when we get goodies for the baskets….it’s always been Elmers.  I ordered extra to put in the freezer…this is not a hoarding thing either…I do it every year so I can pop a Heavenly Hash (marshmallow, almonds, and chocolate) out whenever and live the next few minutes in bliss.  We’ll be staying home this year (of course), watching the service from the cathedral in the morning on TV (in our new jammies) and wishing we could order in beignets and cafe au lait.  Soon….hopefully. ❤

As to the name of the post….I never…and I do mean never….suspected my mom was the Easter Bunny.  She was that good.  We would get up early on Easter morning and run downstairs to see our baskets on the table and tiny bunny tracks running from the sidewalk outside all the way through the house up to the baskets and out the back door.  My brother told me when I was maybe 10 or 11 (yep, I was easy to fool even back then) and hilariously I took him literally and was amazed that my mom was the Easter Bunny….like …how did she do that!?!?  I asked her if I could tell my friends (I was prepared to be the most envied kid in the neighborhood) and she told me that she was actually an agent for the Bunny….like the elves do for Santa….and that a lot of mommys were.  I had pictures in my head of the outfit she surely wore when carrying out her bunny duties….something like a onesie with the ears on the hood…..sparkly maybe.  I promise you I never envisioned her in this cute, short, egg-laden pixie-ish dress from Boudoir….which you should totally go pick up and bop around SL in throughout the weekend!  ❤

Stay safe ❤

Boudoir – Baroque Hair Powder (tinted in post-production to look pinkish, it’s normally white)
Boudoir – Bunny Bop Dress – NEW!
Boudoir – Bunny Bop Ballerina skirt decoration – NEW!
Boudoir – Scattered Easter Eggs gold & pastels – NEW!
CATWA – Baisers Head & shape
Deetalez Nordic skin tone from the CATWA HUD
Avanti – Gigi Choker
Twisted Dreams – Bunny ears (sorry, they’re wayyyy old and I can’t find any store in-world or on the MP)
FOXCITY – Sweet pose # 2 (heavily modified)

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