Kitsune Besties

Kitsune Tales continues at Enchantment until May 31st…come get your inner fox on ❤

Full face tatt disclosure!  Le Forme’s skin comes with 2 tattoos….the 2 bottom cheek stripes and the top undereye stripe with the forehead symbol.  You can wear them one at a time or (if you can do the BoM thing) you can wear both at the same time.  The stipes under the eyes overlap just a tad….but I kinda like that….so both it is! ❤

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001, eyes and shape
Le Forme – Tamiyo Applier in Ice tone for Genus head (700L) @ Enchantments Kitsune Tales till May 31st
*::.who what.::* [Jpn] -Okitsunesama no kamikazari- RARE (hair & headband)(gacha, 48L per play) @ Enchantments Kitsune Tales
#Boutique 187# Kitsune Ears (219L) @ Enchantments Kitsune Tales
.:Short Leash:. Kit’s Collar // Bell Version (349L) @ Enchantments Kitsune Tales
Jinx Fox Shoulder Rider Spirit, Uncommon (gacha, 75L per play)@ Enchantments Kitsune Tales


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