I TOO haz many tails!

Yeah, I’m walking around in a freaking adorable little 5 tailed kitsune avie.  A cleverly disguised kick-ass and take names kitsune…that’s what’s happenin’.  Grab a Kitsune avie from MOoH’s gacha and let’s be a fox gang, fox squad, fox crew, fox clan, fox clique….whatever….we’ll be badass fluffy-tailed foxes ❤

MOoH! Little Kitsune avy (75L per play) @ Enchantment’s Kitsune Tales till May 31st
3rd Eye_ Kitsune Statue Purple (399L) @ Enchantment’s Kitsune Tales
~ xantes ~ Japanese Pond @ Enchantment’s Kitsune Tales
~ xantes ~ Kitsune Rock w. Plants @ Enchantment’s Kitsune Tales
LOVE – BAMBOO FOREST 5 @ Enchantment’s Kitsune Tales

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