Vintage Hot


It’s that time of the year again when we all look forward to Vintage Fair.  With a massive collection of creators all gearing the goodies towards a particular decade, the pickings are bound to be spectacular.  Sometimes it’s a challenge to put something together from the same decade, but the Esther swimsuit from By Swirly and the ‘do from No.Match was a no brainer.  The aquatic musicals from the late 40’s/early ’50s (with Esther Williams and other bathing beauties) were the epitome of beach glamour and both designers nailed it.  In fact, Swirly’s suit looks almost right out of the poster from Million Dollar Mermaid (1952)!  ❤

The face?  Monroe from LAQ, one of the big hits from last years Vintage Fair….man, those brows ❤

Vintage Fair opens on June12th and only runs till the 22nd…so you don’t have time to waste once word GO is shouted.  Pay attention to the Pale Girl Production website, where you can find daily updates as well as a dynamic shopping guide and maps (once all places are set).  This way you’re ready to go!  ❤

LAQ – Scarlet 3.07 bento head and shape
LAQ – Monroe skin applier in 2.0 tone
NO.MATCH_NO_VINTAGE Hair, coming to Vintage Fair 2020 on June 12th
By Swirly – Esther swimsuit, coming to Vintage Fair 2020 on June 12th
Le Poppycock *On Edge* Lean and mean railing and pose


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