Vintage Peace

Vintage Fair 2020 has opened!  Now look, for the first weekend, a 100K complexity limit will be enforced. However, the Cam sim will not have a limit….so if you don’t want to take off your high complexity goodies…go there. You can find the map below as well as links to the website and the shopping guide. ❤

I’m wearing Spicy’s new skin, Rose, made for the LeLutka Evolution heads (I have it on the Lake head).  Rose is 20% off during the event.  A single pack includes 3 skin tones (4 eyebrow colors + no brows version), body applier with specific feet shading for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Signature, Slink and layer to hide nipples……all packs are BOM only, no appliers are included.  There are 3 packs, light, medium, and tan…..and each one of those has 3 shades.  For example, the light pack has the fair, milk, and porcelain tones included.  I’m also wearing the Rose shape that comes with the skin.  It’s specifically for the Evolution heads.  I did notice that the body that the shape was made for is Legacy.  I don’t have Legacy (dammit….should’ve grabbed it a while back!), I’m wearing Maitreya….and it looks just fine, so don’t panic if you see that in your folder. Here’s the different tones that the Rose skin comes in…keep in mind, there is absolutely no editing going on, they are just cropped (I’m wearing the fair tone in the main pic):  (you can click on any pic and it will blow up to your screen size!)  ❤

I also switched up the eye colors from Birth’s Glimmer eyes (also at Vintage Fair) and the hair/hat colors from No_Match’s No_Reality hair that’s out at The Liaison Collaborative right now.  You may have also noticed the adorable outfit from Entice, which is also available at Vintage Fair right now.  Each piece, top and bottom, comes in a dizzying array of patterns and solids….the hardest part will be choosing which to wear.  He’s a couple examples: ❤

Here’s all the important places to go for the fair along with a handy dandy map:

Vintage Fair 2020 landing point
Cam sim
Pale Girl Productions website
Shopping Guide

NO.MATCH_NO_REALITY @ The Liaison Collaborative till June 26th
LeLUTKA Head – Lake.1.1
imbue. chained choker – black
^^Swallow^^ Crusties Ears
*Spicy* Rose skin for LeLutka Evolution heads (BoM only) and Rose shape @ Vintage Fair 2020 till June 22nd
-Birth- ‘Glimmer’ Eyes @ Vintage Fair 2020
Entice – Hung Up Top & Shorts (Fair sponsor!) @ Vintage Fair 2020
Manifeste Signature 5 Pose

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