Vintage Roller Girl

Time to let out your inner roller girl!  Who doesn’t want to pull on some knee socks and your favorite hoodie and go run the streets on roller skates!?  Hair by Tameless, hoodie and skirt by The Annex, and skates and socks by MOoH…all available right now at Vintage Fair 2020.  The complexity limit is a gone pecan…so make your way over! ❤

Here are all the important links:

Vintage Fair 2020 landing point
Cam sim
Pale Girl Productions website
Shopping Guide

The adorable pose is by west end poses ( 1 of 7 in a set that also has mirrors and breathing animations) and will be out at the Dubai Event, which opens on the 20th….so a few more days! The Pride flag is also by west end and is a GIFT for Pride month!  You can pick it up at the main store and display it proudly ❤

Tameless Callidora Hair @ Vintage Fair 2020 till June 22nd
The Annex – Cindy Hoodie – White @ Vintage Fair 2020
The Annex – Tammy Jean Skirt – Gray @ Vintage Fair 2020
MOoH! Roller skates and Socks @ Vintage Fair 2020
Las Oficinas Backdrop – The Bearded Guy
[Puke Rainbows] Sparkling Sunlight
[ west end ] Home – Hanging Pride Flag – Mesh Gift for Pride Month at the Mainstore!
[ west end ] Bento pose – Underneath #007 coming to Dubai June 20th

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