Viva Las Vegas

Vegas is in the house baby!  The Liaison Collaborative has made Vegas popular this month and I couldn’t be happier.  As it happens, Vegas is one of my favorite places…even though I’m not a gambler.  I used to have to go once or twice a year for conferences and I would always either go early or stay a few extra days.  People-watching is one of my favorite things to do and there is truly no better local to find a good place to sit (preferably with gelato) and just soak in the sights and sounds and tastes.  It’s kinda crazy that I have no interest in gambling but I loooove the sound of a casino!  I was there just a few weeks before the apocademic took over the world and I find it ironic that such an obnoxiously fake made up gambling strip is my last tangible adventure in normalcy! ❤

Also, doesn’t the outfit from Belle Epoque fit in perfectly!?  I feel like I should be taking dring orders!  You can pick it up tomorrow when We Love Role-Play opens (noon SLT). ❤

And, of course, the hair.  I, like many others, fell for Unorthodox’s Shai set (Epiphany…so ya know…gacha).  I went to Epiphany and played maybe 5 or 6 times….kept getting the same things, and of course not the rare hair.  Yeah…the actual hair is the ultra-rare…the commons are like…shampoo, conditioner…odd and end stuff…. seemingly useless stuff.  Till you actually read the fine print.  It wasn’t really fine print, it’s on the vendor ad that ALL items are needed to interact with the hair…but really…what does that mean!?  Keep up with some group chats and you find out that you literally do not get the curls till you use the shampoo, conditioner, detangling brush, moisturizer, and (rare) dryer.  So until you dry it, you walk around with flatish, kinda wet-looking hair (which I actually like, don’t get me wrong).  And just to make it more interesting…there are 3 stages of curls…. defined, volume and frizzled…and they will naturally progress (after 10 hours)  to the next stage (unless of course, you use the spray bottle, this holds off progression for 1 HOUR!).  Sooooo…if you play the gacha (at 75L a pop) you need ALL 9 pieces (suds are the 10th piece, but they’re just for looks).  If you are amazingly lucky…you only spend 675L.   Not gonna happen though…so you’d be looking at a cool 1,000 maybe.  Or you could go to the MP and get some pieces that others don’t need.  That’s where I picked up the actual hair (450L), dryer (550L), and the commons that I didn’t get myself (225L total).  So I spent ~1,600L for a curly ‘do…a gorgeous ‘do…but still.  And (right, it never ends) many of the needed products (shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, spray bottle) are only good for 3 uses…then you have to go buy more uses …meaning you find it on the MP or you go to the store and play the gacha for it (and hope you get it).  The very necessary rare dryer (unless of course, you’re cool with the wet look) is only good for 10 uses!  Don’t wanna mess with any of this or have to think about getting more shampoo (or God forbid, another dryer) down the road?  Grab the fatpack…no extras ever needed, they’re all good for “life”…at a cool 7,999L.  I can’t tell you what that 1 hair would have to come with to pay 8 grand for it (it does involve several exceptional men washing it for me….and I’ll just leave it at that).  Now look, if you wear the same hair all the time, or at least a lot….and you love this hair….then it’s probably worth it to you to shell out the fatpack price.  I’m a hair ho and I change my hair more than my underwear (kind of a lie, I very rarely wear underwear) so as much as I do love the hair…I won’t be wearing it all the time.  It’ll be interesting to see how long my 1,600L investment lasts me! ❤

Unorthodox Shai Curls (Wash Day) [Unit] Femme fit (75L per play) @ The Epiphany till Aug. 12th
LAQ – Scarlet Bento Head, Scarlet shape
LAQ – Hazel applier in 2.0 tone
:: Deep Static :: Solitaire Glasses (250L) @ The Liaison Collaborative till Aug. 26th
Belle Epoque – Saddie – Hat Red @ We Love Role-Play Opening Tomorrow, Aug. 4th
Belle Epoque – Saddie – Outfit Red @ We Love Role-Play Opening Tomorrow, Aug. 4th
Serenity Style-Play the game BACKDROP (250L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Del May – Cutie pose (50L)

2 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas

  1. Thanks for the info about the hair. I was planning on playing the gacha a few times – but not now. Bad enough that you need the entire set. But to have to play for extras to extend the ‘life’ of the hair too!?? That’s outrageous. And incredibly greedy of the creator.
    This has put me off ever buying their hair.

    But you look drop dead gorgeous in it so enjoy!! 🙂

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