Sleeping Beauty

Short and sweet ya’ll! WordPress just updated and I don’t recognize a damn thing and can’t find any of my shit that I use. And every time I go to save it gives me an error message. Forking hate updates! I’m just gonna press publish and cross my fingers and hope this comes out okay….then I’ll start figuring this new look out….grrrrr -.-

LAQ – Scarlet Bento head, Scarlet shape
LAQ – Hazel applier in 2.0 tone
Love [Rose] Hair and crown @ Enchantment’s Sleeping Beauty till August 31st
Infinity_Aurora dress, CORAL @ Enchantment’s Sleeping Beauty
[Moonlight Shadow] Spinning Wheel – Wood @ Enchantment’s Sleeping Beauty
Jinx : Animesh Raven Arm Pet @ Enchantment’s Sleeping Beauty
Jinx : Look at finger pose @ Enchantment’s Sleeping Beauty
.gh. & LAGOM – Phobia Scene – Claustrophobia

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