Vegas, Baby!

Still rocking my current favorite ‘do….and not only cause it cost me an arm and a leg…but I do truly love it.  Red with red…who says that clashes!?!? ❤

The Liaison Collaborative is open till the 26th…sooooo….4 more days….go try your luck with their fun Vegas theme! ❤

Also….wish me luck while you’re at it!  I’m in New Orleans and have 2 wannabee hurricanes heading my way and should land on my doorstep only a day-ish apart….1st one (Marco) hitting Monday afternoon.  That’s pretty unprecedented…not only to have 2 in the Gulf at the same time…but to actually cross landfall paths to boot.  It’s not too worrisome if they make it to cat. 1….not even cat. 2 honestly, as long as they’re moving fast and they don’t come up the mouth of the Mississippi River.  I live in a literal bowl-shaped city and we depend on pumps to get accumulated water out and normal rainstorms freaking flood certain streets just because it’s Tuesday down here.  So, yeah, I’ve done my part.  I have my stuff ready and the generators just waiting to be fired up (cause…August) ….I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that the pumps do their part. ❤

Unorthodox Shai Curls (Wash Day) [Unit] Femme fit *** (gacha…good luck!)
LAQ – Scarlet Bento head, Scarlet shape
LAQ – Hazel applier in 2.0 tone
-Ema’s Secret- Tiffany Jumpsuit Red @ The Liaison Collaborative till August 26th
KUNGLERS – Rowen rings – Crystal
Manifeste Style 4 Pose

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