Trea Time

Trea Time

8f8’s newest collection, Trea Time is out at The Arcade right now and peeps are going wild for it.  It’s a gacha, of course, with 30 pieces total…2 of them being rares.  Each individual piece is a treasure in itself, a true work of art.  The setting is a bucolic scene set for tea and lazing around.  The tree house is adorable, with special touches here and there.  Those special touches are the 1st things I look for the minute I get anything 8f8.  The inside wallpaper can be changed on a whim, the door opens and there is a little fat bird sitting in a peep hole ❤

8f8 wallpaper

8f8 bird

Not only does almost everything have a HUD to change textures and/or seasons, you’ll also find the 8f8 signature everywhere.  My favorite piece?  The rose teapot…..the detail is amazing and the rose inside of the pot is exquisite! ❤

The Arcade will be open till the end of the month ❤

01_8f8 – Trea Time – Trea House RARE @ The Arcade (75L per play)
02_8f8 – Trea Time – Snuggle Time RARE
09_8f8 – Trea Time – Her Trunk
10_8f8 – Trea Time – His Trunk
06_8f8 – Trea Time – Garden Table
08_8f8 – Trea Time – Garden Chair His
07_8f8 – Trea Time – Garden Chair Hers
05_8f8 – Trea Time – Display Cart
12_8f8 – Trea Time – Hanging Lamp
25_8f8 – Trea Time – Rose Tea Set
17_8f8 – Trea Time – Still Memories
19_8f8 – Trea Time – Milk & Honey
18_8f8 – Trea Time – Still Life
23_8f8 – Trea Time – Teabloom Lavender Set
30_8f8 – Trea Time – Calming Matcha Tea Set
18_8f8 – Trea Time – Spice

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