Self care during the Apocalypse

I feel just like this right now…tired down to my bones.  I have family staying with me since they evacuated from SE Louisiana (cause you know, fuckin Hurricane Laura) and I have considerably less time to just sit up here on my computer and escape the real world.  It’s a crazy hurricane season and we’ve had a few close calls in the last few weeks.  All that added to the pandemic and the fact that we JUST went to an adjusted phase 3 and it’s been hot as shit outside.  Thankfully, for now anyway…Beta is in the Gulf meandering around and sending us some glorious winds and a nice constant strong drizzle.  It’s the kind of weather change where you truly just want to lean up against something, close your eyes, and soak it all in.  It’s a temporary change, but I’ll take it.  I’m also teaching right now, mostly remotely, and it’s funny…but I feel exactly the same way at the end of the afternoon when everybody logs off ❤

Next weekend, barring any more hurricane/pandemic/apocalyptic/zombie shenanigans, I’m headed to the coast for a looong weekend with friends to check on their condo in Gulf Shores (cause you know, fuckin Hurricane Sally). ❤

Not gonna lie, the little bit of time I do get inworld this last week or so…I shop…it’s good for the soul ❤

[monso] Liah Hair (299L) @ Kustom9 till Oct. 10th
LAQ – Scarlet Bento Head, Scarlet shape
LAQ – Elvira applier, 1.5 tone
^^Swallow^^ Urban Ears (489L) @ Kustom9
Izzie’s – Apocalypse Face Wounds (199L) @ The Liaison Collaborative till Sept. 26th
Peekaboo – Araminta Necklace (250L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Kartel – Oni single sleeve top and jacket (250L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
[Aleutia] Faith Denim Shorts, BLOODY w/ Materials
22769 – Relics from Yesterday (325L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
The Bearded Guy – Tridonic – Behold Day Backdrop (gacha, 60L per play) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Diversion – Apocalypse – Pose #4 (35L each) @ The Liaison Collaborative

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