The Prom Queen

First…..ugggg, I was getting so freaking frustrated with WordPress and this stupid new “block” editor that they shoved down our throats. I was having the hardest time saving everything I did, I kept getting an error message saying I wasn’t authorized to do that…like….for the past month-ish. It was making me insane. I actually didn’t realize how much so until I found myself yelling at the screen saying “I paid for you and I own you and I damn well am authorized to save this you basturd muthafucker!” Didn’t realize I was yelling till Caleb (17) came running in the room to see who I was yelling that at. He was visibly disappointed (which concerns me a little bit) that it was just a program. I also realized this has impacted my desire to actually work on my blog, so I decided stronger action was called for. Stronger than yelling at the screen anyway. I searched the damn WordPress website looking for a cust. service help line. I’m premium, so I knew I had access to live chat…..the clever basturds hide it though…they really don’t want you contacting them. I finally found a live chat button on the “ask us about upgrading!” page and hit it. I do believe my live chat person, Chad, was a bit flustered that I was not, in fact, wanting to talk about upgrading. I will not speak badly about Chad though, he was polite, listened to me rant, and commiserated. Then he told me he guessed that a link or something probably broke on Chrome and I should reinstall it, but in the meantime maybe use FireFox. Seemed too easy, but he was super nice, so I opened FireFox, reopened my blog and started typing….and saving….and putting a pic in….and saving…and not one single error message. All this time….are you freaking kidding me. So yeah, one less thing to be pissed at. I should mention that there is yet another fucking disturbance heading into the Gulf and most of the spagetti models have it coming right at me as a category 2 hurricane. Of course. I will attempt to curb my language while watching the weather this week, no promises though. 👻

On to the business of the day. The Liaison Collaborative opened the other day and I LOVE the theme this month. Gothic Prom is just way too much fun (although I did notice some peeps/designers maybe don’t understand what gothic and/or prom means…whats that line from The Princess Bride?….”You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”). c’est la vie 👻

Just a little closeup so you can see the makeup from Zibska, nails from SO and cute choker from Rainbow Sundae 👻

LAQ – Scarlet Bento head, Scarlet shape
LAQ – Elvira skin applier in 1.0 tone
Zibska – Viance lips, blush and eyeshadow makeup @ The Liaison Collaborative till Oct. 26th
-FABIA- Mesh Hair < Natasha> @ The Liaison Collaborative
[ riseDesign ] Hallstatt Queen Crown @ The Liaison Collaborative
.:: Stunner Originals ::. Bento Nails Mesh Ballerina Long @ The Liaison Collaborative
[ bubble ] Goth Heart Eye Patch @ The Liaison Collaborative
*Rainbow Sundae* Night-Flyer Choker – Silver @ The Liaison Collaborative
Les sucreries de Fairy – Lilith Creepy Dress and Arm warmers @ The Liaison Collaborative
Pitaya – Dark Scene – All black @ The Liaison Collaborative
OMY Antebella #4 animation @ The Liaison Collaborative

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