Happy National Muffin Day

I’ll tell ya true….no matter what else is pissing you off…it’s a glorious world that we live in where we have a special day for muffins. Now look, this may appear to be a “cupcake” that I’m holding…but let’s not split hairs….potatoe/potato. My point is….sometimes it has to be about me…and right now, coffee and a “muffin” are making me happy. I happen to have this thing that pops up on my email everyday to tell me what the National Day is. I don’t remember when or why I ever did that, but it does crack me up on a regular basis. I guess because we only have 365 days in the year, they bundle up the honors….like today is also National Comfy Day and National Love your Pet Day…I’m down for all of that. The other day was National Lash day though…wtf do you do with that….and just….why? Another why??…tomorrow is National Grain Free Day. Should we all go grain free…to what… save the grains (are they in danger?)…to empathize with the millions who are grain sensitive (and thus live that day every day)…to see how pissy we can get by midday when we realize every fucking thing we eat has some kind of grain in it!?!? No thank you…hard pass. Obviously the Grand Poobah (he/she who chooses the honors) has a massive sense of humor and just likes to mess with you, as tomorrow is also National Sticky Bun Day (I kid you not). Choose wisely. And just like that, the world is as it should be. ❤

My weekend sales shopping was fruitful this morning and netted me this fab ‘do by Runaway and equally fab skin by Velour. Normally I’m kinda ehhhh on the shapes that come with skins….either because they don’t wind up actually looking like the vendor ad (85% of the time) and/or because they are focused on the shape for the head, not the body. So you pop it on and you’re suddenly 7 ft tall with arms and legs so skinny you could wrap your fingers around them…which is pretty easy as the hands are usually gargantuan. So if you like the way the shape and brows look with your new skin on your head, you have to set about redoing the numbers on your body. I feel like this is one of the main reasons I stick with the shape I like for my head and body and usually discard the ones that come with the new skin. When I put this Velour skin on, then the shape and brows…I actually liked it. I’m still under 6 foot and my hands don’t look like man hands. ❤

So that close up is totally un-doctored, I just cropped it….I never, ever (I swear) edit skins or appliers…if something looks funky on them, I just don’t do them. Those are the LeLUTKA eyes and lashes, the Velour Go skin (w/shape and brows) and the Velour Kelsey lipstick that was also up for sale this weekend. The comfy looking dress is from Kartel and is over at The Liaison Collaborative right now. It’s all one piece and has a HUD to change up the netting, top and skirt parts. The fun vamp heart purse from WitchCraft is also over at TLC. ❤

Runaway – Ofelia Hair – Weekend Sale! (75L)
Velour – Go Skin in Rose tone, Go shape and brows, all for LeLUTKA EVO – Weekend Sale! (60L)
Velour – Kelsey lips for LeLUTKA EVO – Weekend Sale! (60L)
.:Avanti:. Rae Choker
Kartel – Edda Punk Dress @ The Liaison Collaborative till March 10th
{WitchCraft} Vampire Duchess Bag (red) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Birth- Cupcake (Hand) – Weekend Sale! (60L)
Niko*Coffee cup, Cute Leafs Black – Weekend Sale! (65L)
LOL – No pose, just the auto poses from the handheld stuff did it!

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