Belleza Jade for Skin Fair 2021

Skin Fair 2021 is once again almost upon us (this Friday @ Noon)! This is, without doubt, one of my favorite annual events in SL. Like Hair Fair, I revel in grabbing up alllll the demo’s to sift through. I plop on my platform and proceed to spend hours trying things on, nothing gets unopened…you just never know. Want to grab some demo’s? The designers are dropping them in the PGP Update group! Copy this into your browser and join! (ps…PGP group members also get early access into the event….win win!)


One of the best things about a fair like this is the amazing creative diversity. I love seeing what designers come up with. I love seeing the designers I’m familiar with and I love finding designers I’ve never heard of. Just…love, love, love ❤

So, here’s one I wasn’t familiar with…..Nihilistic Asylum. With a name like that, I assumed I’d be looking at some hard core badass tatts. Scars, skulls, spiders…angry “I will cut you” stuff. Nerp. We got an adorable little meandering bee…like….super adorable. I freaking love it. The store is fairly new I think, since the Flick’r for it’s just barely over 6 months old, so maybe they’ll grow into the name….or maybe it’s meant to be ironically opposite…or maybe it’s just a cool name to draw attention…who knows…who cares…look at how adorable that bee is!? ❤

The skin is by a creator we all know and have loved for years. Belleza’s new Jade skin for LeLUTKA EVO is everything you would assume in terms of beauty and quality. Jade comes in all 7 of the regular Belleza tones, with and w/o brows, and BoM and appliers are included. Here’s a quick and dirty (not really) look at the tones. It goes without saying that these are truly just snapped and cropped…no editing, no special lighting, not even on ultra. You can click on any of the individual pics below to have it blow up (not really) to fit your computer screen…get a big ass close up. ❤

If you noticed that I had a collar on in these pics instead of the cute top I was wearing for the main shot, well, I’m freaking lazy.  I had changed right after I took the main shot to go hit a sale and I didn’t want to go with the nips hanging out.  Then when I got back and remembered I had to do the shades, I just didn’t feel like changing back….I AM that lazy.<3

Stealthic – Purity Hair
[ riseDesign ] Rayna Earring @ The Liaison Collaborative till March 10th
Belle Epoque – Geillis – Top Beige @ We Love Role-Play till March 31st
.:Avanti:. Sedara Collar (in close-ups)
Belleza Jade skin applier coming to Skin Fair 2021
Nihilistic Asylum – Tenacious Bee tattoo coming to Skin Fair 2021
STUN Poses – Marria 2

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