CATWA Sasa for Skin Fair 2021

CATWA has a new HDPRO head out for Skin Fair 2021 and she is soooo pretty (there’s a guy head out too, he’s also pretty)! Sasa comes with her default skin (named Sasa also), Sasa shape and brows, a plethora of makeup options, a styling HUD and an animation HUD. The smexy tatt is from Enemy and is also available right now at Skin Fair. ❤

Everything on my face…and in the pics below, are CATWA Sasa goodies. The cutest? Cheek hearts! There are also roses and stars…but the heart freckles are soooo freaking cute (and tintable!)! Check them out in the pale skin tone pic below…to get a closer look, just click on the pic! The tones bring you from adorable to sultry. I used a variety of makeup options from both the HUD and what was in the pack and didn’t do any enhancements through editing or lighting…this is what you get with Sasa ❤

Some important things to know about the fair:

TRUTH / Brazen
CATWA HEAD HDPRO Sasa v1.4 @ Skin Fair 2021 on the South sim
CATWA Sasa skin (001 on main pic) @ Skin Fair 2021
CATWA HD PRO Sasa Shape (modified a bit) @ Skin Fair 2021
CATWA eyes – from HUD @ Skin Fair 2021
CATWA HD PRO BoM blush, freckles, cheek hearts, eyeshadow, eyeliner, highlighter @ Skin Fair 2021
Enemy Tomiko tattoo BoM, 50% @ Skin Fair 2021 on the North sim
Mossu – Allison dress – pearl
Manifeste Signature 5 pose

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