The Enchanted One

More sheer happiness from this new round of Enchantment, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Just look at how dreamy that skin is! This is the porcelain tone and I’ve done no editing nor have I added any other cosmetics. The skin comes with blush, freckles and no brow if preferred….but these brows are perfect. And the eyes….I couldn’t decide if I liked the green or the pale better…so I opted for both….I love when eye huds allow you to do that! Also, this is the same hair from no.match that I used on the last picture, just a different shade (it’s in the red pack) and different color for the flowers. The stiletto nails have an individual hud for different colors/designs also….so you can get all mixy/matchy. Attached are the butterfly and sprite from Tardfish. You’re not going to want to wear them at the same time though, they flutter about your head in almost the same pattern and land on your nose at the same time….which looks quite weird. Worn on their own though….freaking adorable. I had 2 separate chicks ask me where I got the butterfly while I was out weekend shopping earlier. ❤

The collar from Drunken Brokkr and the lashes from Evermore are available @ We Love Role-Play right now. ❤

Hoohaa alert! The floral tatt is also at Enchantment and scrolls down the arms, torso and leg and is way to pretty to cover up. ❤

LeLUTKA – EvoX Avalon Head
Drunken Brokkr – Skera Rakki Collar @ We Love Role-Play till May 31st
Evermore – Hanna Lashes @ We Love Role-Play
Loa – Aine skin for LeL EvoX and BoM in 6 tones @ Enchantment till May 31st
Loa – Lorea eyes (unisex, LeL, BoM, Omega, mesh) @ Enchantment
JUNA Artistic Tattoo – Silene Tattoo (BoM, Omega) @ Enchantment
No.Match – No_Midsummer Hair @ Enchantment
Venge – Mariposa Stiletto nail applier w/ HUD @ Enchantment
Tardfish – Enchanted Things (butterfly and sprite) @ Enchantment

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