Love is Love

Today is DAY 1 of my self-proclaimed “No Pants Summer”.  I have 10 weeks of no classes, no office meetings, no Zoom meetings, and no Google Meet meetings.  Hell, if I didn’t have kids running around, I’d have a “no damn clothes at all” summer.  In celebration, Roxi is also forgoing pants, cause sometimes…it just has to be about me. ❤

My redonkulously pretty face is courtesy of Belleza for Fifty Linden Friday this weekend.  I’m serious when I say weekend too…Belleza always leaves their FLF skin out for the whole weekend.  Darcey’s made for a Genus head (I always forget how much I love the classic head!) and comes in 4 tones….medium, pale, sunkissed and tan….with and w/o brows.  Along with your tone you also get this shape and brow shaper.  I’m wearing the brow, shape and sunkissed tone without any tweakes, mods, or extra makeup….and no editing….just prettiness. ❤

As you can see, no pants is actually kinda easy when your hoodie covers the butt (mostly).  Aleutia’s hoodie (with like…a jillion designs) is available at N21 right now and their cute collar is at Kinky….which just opened today. ❤

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001
Belleza – Darcey skin and shape for FLF, Sunkissed tone, (4 skin tones(med., pale, sunkissed, tan), 5 brow options, shape, brow shape and BOM system layers) this weekend for Fifty Linden Friday
[Aleutia] Anastasia Collar (Unscripted, OC, and Peanut versions) @ Kinky Monthly till June 22nd
[Aleutia] Aria Hoodie (Maitreya, LG, Perky, Petite) @ N21 till June 12th
OMY – Antebella 1 standing animation

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