Summertime easy

My nomadic summertime life moved camp this past weekend from a cottage on the Mississippi coast to a family members condo in Gulf Shores.  If it was just me it’d be easy….sundresses, swimsuits, flipflops and lotion….but nooooooo….there had to be other people involved.  Men…who feel the need to strategically pack up the night before and leave early to get ahead of the traffic (there was no freaking traffic).  Teenagers…..who had to bring every damn thing they owned that was electronic and the 400 wires, chargers, cubes and assorted bits and pieces that made them run.  Little kids……sigh….Ava has a million little LOL dolls with her (and they come with a jillion pieces and believe me when I tell you…that’s a brand name, I’m not laughing about them) and can’t find the dress for one in particular…so of course we spend forever looking for it.  Gabe did not rinse off his godzilla or dumptruck before he put it in the car…so there’s now a ton of sand on everything and Anaise has decided this is going to aggravate her constantly on the 2 1/2 hr. drive…at the freaking crack of dawn.  I’m not driving either car in this caravan though, so me and my ginormous travel thermos of coffee were happily watching the world go by…dreaming of having rolls thrown at me for dinner at Lambert’s. ❤

In the meantime…..Vintage Fair opened and there is some awesome goodies that you can’t live without! My face is Pity Party (I love that they have adult skins) and Sunflower is gorgeous. She’s meant to be dark toned, in fact, the shade I’m wearing…RoseKiss…is the lightest shade of the bunch. The tones are all matched to Velour’s Ipanema body tones…so easy squeezy matchy matchy. I’m still wearing the Euphoric eyes that are out at the fair, I really like this color! The Francoise bikini outfit is from MOoH! and is soooo adorable! ❤

  • Landmark to North sim HERE
  • Landmark to South sim HERE

Pale Girl Productions

Vintage Fair 2021 Shopping Guide

Vanity Hair: Bluebell-Browns
Elle Boutique – Janis Choker
Maxi Gossamer – Earrings – Summertime Easy living – Hoops
Pity Party – Sunflower Skin in RoseKiss tone for LeL EvoX on the North sim @ Vintage Fair 2021
Euphoric – Eun Hee Eyes applier on the South sim @ Vintage Fair 2021
MOoH! Francoise Bikini top, bottoms and tied sarong (Maitreya, Freya, HG, Isis, Legacy, Tonic curvy & fine) on the South sim @ Vintage Fair 2021
STUN Poses – Avril #4 from the weekend sales

Vintage Fair 2021 map

Vintage Fair 2021 poster

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