Boho Vintage

Boots in the summer…that’s a tough call. Unless maybe it’s a breezy day and they are this freaking cute. The whole outfit is freaking cute to tell the truth. It’s from Silvery K and it’s currently at Vintage Fair….along with Truth’s quite fabulous ‘do, Bunny….how could you resist. The fair closes Monday night so you have 5ish days to soak it in and get what you need! ❤

Also, working perfectly with the fab boho look is Bliensen + MaiTai’s Praia necklace. It’s sooo totally adaptable to any outfit with a few clicks on the HUD…right down to almost individual bead color. The necklace, and so many other goodies, will be at The Liaison Collaborative when it opens tomorrow….jot it down so you remember! ❤

Lastly…but not leastly…my skin is Velour’s Carla. The rose kiss tone was out for a weekend sale last week and I couldn’t resist….especially after I had decided to peruse the new Ipanema body skins there. At least 2 skin makers that I know of (not including Velour themselves of course) are matching their tones to this body skin. The Pity Party skin that I had on the other day is one of them. I grabbed the Rose Kiss tone, so that’s the tone I’ll be using on future faces. Worried about a slight neck seam still? Right where you buy the body skins (280L per tone) there’s a neck fix that’s free to group members and has all the tones included! I’m wearing the body skin and the neck fade (fix?) and you can barely see a bit of a seam off to the left if you click on the pic and blow it up bigger….and honestly, that could just be because of the lighting. ❤

BTW…that’s LeLUTKA’s EvoX hairbase that looks so fab with Truth’s hair ❤

  • Landmark to North sim HERE
  • Landmark to South sim HERE

Pale Girl Productions

Vintage Fair 2021 Shopping Guide

LeLUTKA EvoX hairbase #35
Velour – Carla skin for LEL EvoX in Rose Kiss tone from a weekend sale
Velour – Ipanema body skin in Rose Kiss tone
Bliensen + MaiTai – Praia – Necklace coming to The Liaison Collaborative 6-18
RAWR! Delicate Earrings HUMAN EvoX, from a weekend sale
TRUTH / Bunny Hair on the South sim @ Vintage Fair 2021
:..Silvery K..:Boho Style Vintage dress on the North sim @ Vintage Fair 2021
:..Silvery K..:Western Boots High Heels on the North sim @ Vintage Fair 2021
STUN Poses – Avril #1 pose, from a weekend sale

Vintage Fair 2021 map

Vintage Fair 2021 poster

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