Vacation vibes

I have these vibes as we speak…SL and RL.  I figure since I’m hanging on a beach for the summer in RL, I might as well work on my SL beach since I can look around for inspiration.  As we speak I am sitting on our balcony looking down the beach at all the gulls scarfing down discards, pieces and parts of everybody’s beach snacks from the day.  Kids try to chase them for fun….these gulls aren’t playing.  They just spread out their wings and flap ’em while doing the gull yell…kids run in the other direction (we’re not kidding anyone though…they’re going to get more Doritos to throw at them…these gulls are living the life). ❤

ARGRACE – MAI Hair on the Redhead sim @ Hair Fair 2021 till July 4th
Belleza – Jade FLF skin in med tone
Amacci – Donna Sunglasses
[Aleutia] Dottie Dress @ UBER till July 22nd
hive // vacation vibes drink, phone, sandals @ Kustom9 till July 10th
:FNY: Designs – The Strankorb (Beach Chair) – Blue @ The Liaison Collaborative till July 10th
:FNY: Designs – Seagulls @ The Liaison Collaborative
:FNY: Designs – Vintage Cooler @ The Liaison Collaborative
:FNY: Designs – Sandcastle & Beach Toys @ The Liaison Collaborative
:FNY: Designs – Gillyflowers & Wildgrass Mix – HighLOD @ The Liaison Collaborative
Manifeste – Style 4 pose, arms altered due to the automatic hold poses on the shoes and drink

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