Unorthodox for Hair Fair 2021

I’m a fan of curls…wild, crazy, unruly curls. I have semi-wild…as do all my offspring…curly red hair down to the last of us, just different shades of red. Isabella has the tightest curls and on a humid day without any product (which is every damn day) her hair is massive. At least, up until last week it was…she talked us into letting her cut it….short….like Ruby Rose faded up but curly on top….sigh…kids just don’t appreciate. Anyway, so when I see those unruly locks in SL I am automatically drawn to them. Unorthodox, Stealthic, Analog Dog…I have them…I love them. The Nise Fro triggered my lust radar instantly when I spotted it at Hair Fair. I had seen somebody’s comment a week or so back (on FB maybe?, I don’t remember), right after the fair opened, saying to the effect that anyone not of color needs to walk right past any ethnic hair. I promise you I’m being much nicer than the commenter, but I honestly don’t remember their wording, just the intention. It pisses me off that I actually hesitated a second or two (we’re not kidding anybody, I’d have bought the hair no matter), then I saw the sign that Unorthodox had in their booth and my admiration for them just rose 50 notches higher that it had been. Love is love peeps…buy the damn hair. ❤

Another reason you may hesitate is the price, 699L. Unorthodox is always higher…but…and this is a big but…the quality is there and you get allll the shades you could ever imagine. The Nise Fro actually only comes in blonde or black…but the tint scale is endless and you don’t lose the quality or distinctive shading. I spent a good deal of time this evening trying to decide between several pinks, a blue, a lovely blonde, some fabulous browns and everything in between. Not surprisingly, I settled on a medium/light auburn (my natural color) and proceeded to strut around my beach like royalty. AND…20% of that purchase goes to Wigs for Kids! Love is love peeps…buy the hair and be happy. ❤

Unorthodox– Nise Fro V1 BLONDE (Femme Fit) for Hair Fair 2021 on the Brunette sim
Le Forme – Kaya skin for lel EVO (NOT X) in caramel from a weekend sale
Candy Kitten – Sugar Babe outfit from a weekend sale
Kibitz – Chained lock collar in silver from a weekend sale
Manifest Style 4 pose

Hair Fair 2021 Promo Poster

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