Resistance is Futile

I win. That is all.

Yeah…just kidding…that’s not all. Some explanation is necessary. Then I win. This Saturday, July 10th, Chronicles & Legends will be presenting “Live Long, Prosper, and use the Force”…..a Star Trek/Star Wars inspired event. The possibilities right!? Everything but flying sharks. So today I am channeling my inner Borg (Google if necessary….the chick Borg was hot). Anyhooo….most everything here is going to be at the event. The head/neck and body tatt from Achromance is the black base with the blue accents. You can do either a black or white base and there are 8 accent colors to chose from. The face tatt (veins) goes with the face accessory from Rainbow Sundae. The skin is EvoX only from Loa and of course comes with brows, shape and some blushes. The eyeshadow and lashes are Zen Child Designs. I’m going to keep wearing the lashes without the shadow to show them off in future pics. Yoshi’s Supernova eyes come in 8 shades, with 4 extra if you get the fatpack. The shade I’m wearing is a regular pale blueish/greenish color…not a fatpack shade. You can also get a highlights pack to add some celestial pizzaz to the eyes! The cool dagger is from Struts and comes with the whole sheath/hand thingie with an animation HUD….totally badass. I said almost everything…right?

There was no “Borg-ish” hair or clothing available to bloggers yet, so I improvised and went a little “throw back Thursday”. The “hair” is sooooo old….shoot…maybe 10-ish years or so. It was a favorite from EMO-tions back in the day and is as flexi as you can get, which works perfectly cause all the cable tendrils sway when you move, but they’re far enough away from your body that they don’t cut in. I sure hope Mirja glances at this pic in her EMO-tions Flickr and goes “the fuck!?!?” (in a good way). ❤

Another throwback is the hot dress from Beauty Factory. I honestly love the holo/iridescent tone that this also comes in….but black worked so much better for the whole evil thing. The dress comes with the fishnets, but they’re separate…so not a must do….and they ARE boots…heels and all.  If the front of this dress doesn’t convince some hapless federation lackey to willingly assimilate, all that’s needed is to turn around and press some important looking buttons on a console or grab a syringe of hive juice. Bam…butt crack for the win.  I did say I win didn’t I? ❤

EMO-tions – ZION REBIRTH (cyber “hair)
Heaux – Dark Fae ear tattoo
RAWR! – Neo elf earrings, from a weekend sale
Loa – Rose EvoX skin in Opal tone coming to Chronicles & Legends July 10th
Zen Child Designs – Saber eyeshadow, lel HD applier coming to Chronicles & Legends
Zen Child Designs – Chewie Lashes, lel HD applier coming to Chronicles & Legends
YOSHI – Supernova eyes (BOM, LeLUTKA, Catwa, OMEGA, Mesh) coming to Chronicles & Legends
Rainbow Sundae Assimilation face tattoo (veins, classic lele & EvoX) and accessory (w/HUD) coming to Chronicles & Legends
Achromance – Millennium head & body tattoo (black base, blue accent) coming to Chronicles & Legends
[Struts] – Honour Dagger coming to Chronicles & Legends
.Beauty Factory . Ophia Dress Black (Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra)
Del May – Miss Ornamental pose

chronicles Trek Wars event SQUARE

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