Live Long and Prosper

Star Trek meets Star Wars…that’s the theme of this rounds Chronicles & Legends; Live Long, Prosper and use the Force… which, by the way, just opened the gates to allow gawkers/ shoppers/ Trekkies/Jedi wannabees and anyone else in. The set is spectacular and the offerings even more so, there’s got to be something you can’t live without! ❤

Full disclosure here! While there is a “Live Long and Prosper” bento pose at the event (by VSM) it wasn’t available to bloggers yet, nor was it at the set up when I went (they must be running late), so I did what any reasonable SLer would do and went to the MP. Found one for 75L on the first look through. Thing is…it was a front facing pose and I needed a back facing pose to show off the cool tatt. So again…I did what any SLer with 10 minutes of editing experience would do and took 2 pictures. Then melded them together with some serious erase/fade/clone/blend/blah/blah/blah. In short…I faked it….so don’t go looking for this pose. (it’s cool though…right!?) ❤

[Aleutia] Jessie Metallic Wig
RAWR! – Neo elf earrings for EvoX
Ahegao – Space Visor (Classic) @ Chronicles & Legends till July 31st
Ab. Fab – Live Long and Prosper BoM unisex tattoo @ Chronicles & Legends
Cellar Door – Nitebreed gown
Manifeste – Model 902 “base” pose (just not the right hand)
Anthro – Live Long and Prosper bento hand pose for right hand (75L on MP)

chronicles Trek Wars event SQUARE

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