Real Housewives of Tatooine

Armed for bear (or Raiders, Hutts, Krayt Dragons…whatever…shoot first, ask questions never) and traveling with your trusty companion across the desert just to go grocery shopping takes a bit of planning and a lot of bad-assery. ❤

I may have been slacking in pointing out my favorite find at this round of Chronicles & Legends; Live Long, Prosper and use the Force. It’s BB-One (I guess they couldn’t use BB8 for obvious reasons)from FNY Designs. He’s an adorable and perky companion and kind of never shuts up… or stops rolling around….even when you just rez him out to take a pic. It’s like he’s really happy to be wherever you are and really, really wants a oily snacky. The hover bike….we may or may not be friends…I took it out on the highway behind my land and proceeded to wreck twice. It’s a smooth ride and handles well, I’m just a really bad driver. Now…the market….NOT a freaking backdrop….it’s a whole set. Ginormous (seriously, realistically life size…go check out the demo). You would not believe how far away I am from it in the picture, but to give you an idea…if you look at the left-most part of the market where it meets the sand and see a tiny figure, that’s my friend checking the place out (I was going to derender him but figured it wasn’t necessary)! I actually took this shot at a premium Linden sandbox for the space and the….guess what?

And you know….with great size comes great Li…this is no exception. 670 land impact……670!! Now I’m here to tell you, the craftsmanship and realistic detail is worth it if you can afford the prim (I know, old school term)….it would be a freaking great addition to a RP environment or a desert sim. ❤

Also, you don’t really get the whole outfit/skin picture from a back shot (it’s just that sometimes, that’s the better shot), so here’s a front shot using regular windlight (I used Broomstick Sepia for the main shot, very dusty looking) so you can see the great skin and tatts. Everything blue is the Pure Sky skin from Fallen Gods (the brows are with the skin, but you can tint them, I liked them dark). The darker (stripes?) are the top and bottom tatt from Lilithe’…..the top part covers the head too. The shoulder pads and skirt are from Drunken Broker and I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a blueish shade in the HUD for the trim that matched nicely. The corset is from Cureless. I picked it up at a weekend sale a while back knowing it’d come in handy! ❤

The face is beautifully shaded and the tatt just sets it off. Fallen Gods skin is BoM and there is no EvoX ear tatt included, so if you wear your elf ears, you’ll have to match the color yourself. You can see I got close, but you just can’t duplicate the nuances and shading like the face skin has…..but hey….close enough. You can see the great leather-work details in DB’s top here too! ❤

DOUX – Cece Hairstyle
Cureless – Angelic Corset, from a previous weekend sale
Fallen Gods Inc. – Pure Sky skin (BoM) @ Chronicles & Legends till July 31st
Lilithe’ – Atroxa (top half) & Talon (bottom half) tattoos (worn version) @ Chronicles & Legends till July 31st
NANAO – Combat Bandage, D.Blue @ Chronicles & Legends till July 31st
[Drunken Broker] Nottmaer Top & Bottom @ Chronicles & Legends till July 31st
SH (Silver Hawk) Disruptor Rifle (Sling) Shoulder @ Chronicles & Legends till July 31st
hashbang! – Rebel Mk. I Hover Bike – carbonite @ Chronicles & Legends till July 31st
:FNY: Designs – BB-One Animesh Companion v1.4 @ Chronicles & Legends till July 31st
The Bearded Guy – The Market RARE (670 li!!!) – Galaxy Wars @ Chronicles & Legends till July 31st

Manifeste – Statement 5 pose (main back view)
Manifeste – Glam 3 pose (front view and closeup)

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