Current mood…..cute ‘n caffeinated but ready for some stabby stabby.

LeL EvoX hairbase # 29
Nuve – Lian EvoX skin in sunkissed tone @ The Liaison Collaborative till Sept. 10th
Shiny Stuffs – EvoX Pretty Mess Hangover Liner #1 from a weekend sale
Koonz – Yummy lips for EvoX from a previous weekend sale
Boudoir – Ayukiwi outfit w/headdress and umbrella on the Marketplace
Mug – Deviant Doll collar, red #7 (gacha!!)
RAWR! – Zireail Nails @ Enchantment’s O’ Valley of Plenty  till Sept. 4th
REIGN. – Estee thigh attachment (from a way old Luxe box)
REIGN.- DOODLE CUP LATTE (ANIMATED)#5 (gacha! go get it while you can for only 25L per play!!)

No formal pose…just the animations that came with the umbrella and the cup on my AO!

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