Practice makes perfect

And maybe a couple of booboo’s along the way… who needs a tap dancing cauldron?!

Lara Hurley – Gem face, midtone 08
Boudoir – Demon eyes
WarPaint – Possession tattoo under eye @ Salem till Oct. 31st
Top1 Salon – HD Omen Lipstick @ Salem
. Doe . Lantern Hair/Hat @ Salem
[ContraptioN] Vox Diabolis Neck Corset @ Salem
Apple Blossom – Selina Bodysuit w/tail @ Salem
Psycho Pills – Cursed Boots @ Salem
:::ChicChica::: Crystal Wand @ Salem
[Aleutia] Edgar the Walking Cauldron – Green – Large – Animesh @ Salem
+Half-Deer+ Mushroom Lights – purple, red, brown, white @ Salem
HEXtraordinary Nope Cat – Witchy Nope
Boudoir – Witch Cabin house (comes with EVERYTHING in the house except for whats noted above!)
[west end] Bento Pose – Lodestone – P01 @ UBER till Oct. 22nd

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