Can’t live with ’em….can’t live without ’em

True story….

Also, “In the Depths of Madness; a Lovecraftian Horror Inspired Event” is the theme for this round of Chronicles & Legends, which opened just a few hours ago……what are you waiting for!? ❤

LeLUTKA – Avalon 3.1 EvoX Head
DOUX – Joya Hairstyle
Lara Hurley – Gem face in midtone 8
Boudoir – Demon eyes
Heaux – Dark Fae ears for EvoX
WarPaint – Possession – Fresh scar under eye (cross) @ Salem till Oct. 31st
RAWR! Slither Elf Earrings EvoX
Zibska Lioba eyeshadow, blush and lips @ We Love Role-Play till Oct. 31st
Nefekalum – An Elder God Tattoo (Blood) @ Chronicles & Legends till Oct. 31st
Nefekalum – An Elder God Horns and back tentacles (Blood) @ Chronicles & Legends
AtaMe – Black Sea Gown @ Chronicles & Legends
:: ANTAYA :: Skull with tentacles (comes as decor and as a holdable) @ Chronicles & Legends
[Harshlands] Monstrous Blossom – (Bloodflower) @ Chronicles & Legends

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