Pretty is as pretty does

Omahgahhhhhh ya’ll….I clearly have not had enough coffee.  I was doing the double check to see that my pic would upsize when clicked on (it does, check for nose hairs) and I literally just noticed that I spelled my name wrong….uggggg.  Hopefully no one else notices cause I sure am not going back and trying to fix that…it’d be like 15 steps backwards….nope (forget you saw this). 

Anyway, awesome hair from Foxy @ Salem!  Also, this is the Belleza skin that’s out for FLF this week (and you know it’ll stay out for a good couple days) in the fair tone w/black brows and with some added makeup and bloody stuff ….and still sooo pretty!  And wait….did you check out the freaking gorgeous earrings Nino ( ❤ )made for Heartsdale Jewellery… many options for the dangling jewels!  Much of this is from sales this week….and I’m not kidding anyone…I still have sale shopping on my to-do list! ❤

Belleza – Leah skin for LeL Evo in Pale tone for Fifty Linden Friday this weekend!
Foxy – Sirena. Hair @ Salem till Oct. 31st
[ContraptioN] Vox Diabolis Neck Corset @ Salem
Top1 Salon – HD Omen Lipstick @ Salem
ANATOMY – Dedicated Demon Pentacle @ We Love Role-Play till Oct. 31st
WarPaint – Vampyr eye makeup for LeL Evo for Wanderlust Weekend this weekend!
Izzie’s Demon eyes
Heaux – Dark Fae ears for EvoX elf ears
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Dhoom Machalay Earrings
Bauhaus – Kiko Top for a weekend sale this weekend!
Le Poppycock – Dressed to Kill pose (comes w/ knife and lipstick) for Wanderlust Weekend this weekend!

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