Too soon?

Is it? Too soon I mean…to start getting ready? Cause ya know….Walmart had all their holiday stuff out on Nov. 1st and are blasting “Tis the Season” music 24/7….as is one of the local radio stations. So I’m driving to my office (currently a cushy chair in a recently reopened Starbucks) in the morning listening to holiday music and making a list in my head of what I need to make pumpkin pie and wondering how to decorate in the absence of walls and ceilings (stupid Ida). My normal right now is pretty interesting. By the way, my office mate (some chick sitting in the opposite cushy chair) and myself give a thumbs up on the new holiday drink @ Starbucks, Sugar Cookie Frappuchino….while listening to Christmas Jazz ❤

NO.MATCH_NO.STORY. (sorry, I erased most of the hair to show the hood!)
VCO _ Fairy mesh Head _ [Bell] _ 01
COCO_Doll_Corset Piercing (Red)_Legs
MOoH! Christmas kitty doll @ Enchantments “The Nutcracker till Dec. 4th
MOoH! Grey mouse Xmas tree @ Enchantments “The Nutcracker”
MOoH! Grey mouse bauble @ Enchantments “The Nutcracker”
MOoH! Grey mouse presents @ Enchantments “The Nutcracker”
MOoH! Grey mouse xmas lights @ Enchantments “The Nutcracker”
Synnergy//The retreat Backdrop from a weekend sale
Del May – What did you have in mind pose (arms modded to accommodate doll)
* reindeer nose comes from a Black Bantam collection

Enchantment The Nutcracker Nov. 2021 FP

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