Not Found for the 12 Days of Christmas

I knowwww…how many more!? It’s amazing to me that so many fabulous designers got together to make truly quality gifts for everyone to pick up for the 12 Days of Christmas. Today I have on Not Found’s Kaya skin and shape (including the brow shape). The bandaid is a cute touch and it is optional. Kaya comes with 4 tones….peach, sorbet, bronze and toffee (lighter to darker in that order), as well as the brows, shape and ear tones. I don’t have a clue what body skin Not Found matches up to….or if they have their own. Had I not been amazingly lazy I would have popped back over to the store to search for these answers. Instead I used one of the Velour skins (chantilly was the closest) that is conveniently also part of the 12 Days, with the matching neckfix to hide the line. Both Ipanema (girls) and the Eros (guys) body skins are in the pack, which is called “lite”, I guess because it’s a selection of tones and not allll of them. For Eros there’s moon, Pluto, sand and silk for the Jake and Legacy guy bodies. The Ipanema tones include porcelain, chantilly, brownie and ebony for Lara, Legacy, Kupra and Reborn…AND have a no nipples option. Also included in the pack are all of the Velour tones for ears and neckfix… if you are set! ❤

Who know when the magic hour is that these gifts will go to full price on Saturday, so don’t take a chance. Check out Seraphims page and get to all of those stores. So what if you have to join the store group for some of them…they are all free to join right now…and seriously….who passes on this kind of quality gift giving!? ❤

No lingerie today…way to cold. Aleutia has this cute, cute puffy jacket and top set out at Anthem right now and it’s perfect for the chilly season. There are a bajillion colors to chose from in both the shirt and the jacket (they are sold separately) which makes it sooo easy to mix and match. The Gemma set is made for Maitreya, petite, Legacy, perky, Erica and Reborn. ❤

The stunning hair is Stealthic and can be found at Kustom9 till Jan. 10th. ❤

Stealthic – Darling Hair @ Kustom9 till Jan. 10th
LeLUTKA EvoX KAYA 3.1 Head FREE for the 12 Days of Christmas till Saturday (pick it up at the gift sim)
Not Found – Kaya skin in Sorbet tone w/ Not Found Kaya shape and brow shape, wearing the bandaid (optional) FREE for the 12 Days of Christmas till Saturday
Velour – Ipanema Lite body skin in Chantilly, with Chantilly neck fix FREE for the 12 Days of Christmas till Saturday
Avi-Glam – Nice eyes in brown (also in lavender and green) FREE for the 12 Days of Christmas till Saturday
Top1 Salon – HD XMas gift Lipstick FREE for the 12 Days of Christmas till Saturday
Vobe – Ara Earrings FREE for the 12 Days of Christmas till Saturday
.::Supernatural::. Viena Brown/Gold Necklace (disclaimer, I accidentally erased the bottom part of the strings and didn’t notice till hours later! mah bad!)
[Aleutia] Gemma Top and Puff Jacket @ Anthem till Dec. 30th
STUN Poses – Nanno 2 pose, from a weekend sale

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