Catwa for Skin Fair 2022

You knew Catwa would have a new HDPRO head out for the fair and here she is! Flona is gorgeous…and it helps if you’re using Nuve’s Flona skin! I’m wearing the Flona head, Nuve’s skin in sunkissed, Nuve’s brow shaper and head/body shape (with NO adjustments…when’s the last time you could say that!). The eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipgloss are from Catwa’s HUD….which I have to tell you…took me a hot minute to get used to. I had forgotten to take the head alpha off and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing the Nuve skin…but then I had to remember to put the eye alpha on cause ….well you know…system eyes be popping out. I played with the HUDS for a bit, getting used to it again, but once I did it was all good. It’s like when you play other games…you think you can move your avie by sliding the mouse and forget that your in SL, not WOW or some other game. Anyway, here’s some HUD shots! ❤

The fabulous hair (do you love those subtle couple of streaks!?) is from No Match and the cute cute tank top is Neverwish….and both are at Bloom 2022 right now!

NO.MATCH_ NO_CINNAMON @ Bloom 2022 till April 2nd
CATWA HEAD HDPRO Flona w/ bento ears (25% off if you get her at the fair!) on the South Sim of Skin Fair till noon SLT TOMORROW!
Nuve – Flona skin for HDPRO in sunkissed tone (included with the Catwa head!)
NeverWish Tie Dye Tank @ Bloom till April 2nd
STUN poses – Valeria 4 pose, from a previous weekend sale

You still need these for Skin Fair: LM’s for Skin Fair NorthSkin Fair SouthSkin Fair Cam Sim, a link for the shopping guide and the official map to help you find your way!

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