Life is for the alive

“Life is for the alive. So let’s keep living it. Really living it.” Sweeny Todd

I know, I know….I’m mixing up my Burton movies…Mrs. Lovett was a baker and was always in black (and baking dead people into pies…times were tough) but I couldn’t resist the skin with the dress….good combo ❤

barberyumyum S07ghost(mix) (hair-only)
Seydr – The Baker skin @ Enchantment’s Burton-esque till June 4th
Six Feet Under – Victoria Necklace @ Enchantment’s Burton-esque
!dM Emilie (Maitreya)- Ruffle Corset, dress, pasties, crown and bouquet @ Enchantment’s Burton-esque
Rame’- Corpse Dining Hall Backdrop @ Enchantment’s Burton-esque
Del May – Lost Pizazz pose (sorry, store’s closed till further notice)

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