Hair Fair is coming!!!!

Hair Fair 2022 and Participants COMING SOON !

I know, right!?!? The level of excitement that this event brings me is unsurpassed! I kid you not, much like the Skin Fair, I join the demo group and then find a nice quiet spot and sit….and unpack…and try on…and take notes. Hours I tell you….so many happy hours. This is the tell of a true hair ho. And this is mostly BEFORE Hair Fair opens! Designers start popping their demo’s into the group as soon as the 24th, the day before opening. This means you can make a list, check the map on the website (which will be dropping in shortly) and be ready to go at the opening bell. Demo group….website….whaaaa?? Look below, I would not leave you hanging!

Hair Fair demo group (copy that link into your nearby chat and click on the demo link)

Hair Fair Website

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