No.Match for Hair Fair 2022

Hair Fair 2022 still has 4 days to go! This Sunday will be Bandana Day, so make sure you go pick out a bandana at any of the Bandana Booths (there’s one on each sim, can’t miss them) @ the Fair and wear it then!

This Friday coming Juniper Events will be presenting the grand opening of The Vault…an annual event specifically for accessories! My glasses, earrings and chest piercings are just a small taste of what awaits……you won’t want to miss it!

NO.MATCH – NO_ENERGY HAIR @ Hair Fair 2022 on the Noirette sim  (200L, 25% goes to Wigs for Kids) till July 10th
Lara Hurley – Cia skin in midtone
Dialogue – LOLA glasses coming to The Vault this Friday, July 8th
Schoen – Saint Earrings (EvoX, Swallow) coming to The Vault
Rainbow Sundae – Nya Chest Piercings (Mounds, Reborn, Reborn Juicy, Unrigged) coming to The Vault
RIOT – Leah Bustier, from a previous weekend sale
STUN – Valeria 5 pose, from a previous weekend sale

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