Coffee run

I don’t normally do bought shapes…there’s always something I don’t like and I end up tweaking (only to find I’m back to the way MY shape looked), and Lord help you if you buy a shape and it’s no-mod!! It took me forever to get mine the way I like and I’m not gonna lie…I adjust here and there on a regular basis. Anyway, there are exceptions to the rule. I have always been fond of the shapes from Wren’s Nest. I do not stray from her formula…if it says it’s for a head I don’t have or don’t prefer (anything other than Avalon) I skip it, no matter how pretty it is. The Harper shape that’s out at The Liaison Collaborative is specifically for Avalon 3.1 and she’s gorgeous. There are always different sizes in the box, so you can try them all on and see which is “you”. Also, these shapes are mod…so if you like the thicker body but want to be shorter than an amazon…go for it. The shape I have on above is the thicker choice and I am talllll, but I didn’t want to mod anything so you can see exactly what the default is. I took these pics below and didn’t edit, mod or adjust anything…I also didn’t change the camera angle so you can see the difference in sizes.

So what have we learned? I clearly gravitate to a more “petite” height….although I have to tell you, in my stats it says I’m 5’8 (1.7m)…that is NOT petite. It’s just that in SL we used to be gargantuan (easily 7 ft) and some of us have evolved to a more reasonable height that may mirror our RL height (I’m actually 5’7 but who’s counting). I also prefer a shorter neck and wider shoulders (with coordinating wider hips), and a thicker waist. The beauty of SL is that you can be any size you damn well want to be ❤ . Also…what’s up with my arms and hands!?!? They might be that way since I changed shapes and didn’t relog, but if they are still too long (or too big) after doing so there will be tweaking going on in the morning!

You can click on any of those pics to enlarge them…you know…to check out that pretty face!! ❤

Stealthic – Retreat @ Kustom 9 till Aug. 10th
Lara Hurley – Cia face in midtone
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Boho Luna Necklace
Izzie’s – Holo Metallic Lipstick @ The Liaison Collaborative till Aug. 10th
Wren’s Nest – Harper shape for LeL Avalon 3.1 (thicker shape in main pic)@ The Liaison Collaborative
Apple Blossom // Valentines dress, from a weekend sale
22769 – Vintage Plastic Chair Teal and Yellow@ The Liaison Collaborative
:FNY: Designs – Mile a Minute Vines- White & Pink @ The Liaison Collaborative
:FNY: Planted Vintage Watering Can – Yellow @ The Liaison Collaborative
tarte. x Stories&Co. – summer tote and coffee @ Kustom 9 till Aug. 10th
.::IDK::.Spring facade backdrop – yellow, from a weekend sale (this is the wall, window (w/ the dripping dark pink flowers), bike and ground)
Manifeste Poses – Model 888 pose, arms modifies due to holdables…and sorry, store is no longer around 😦

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