I saw something the other day that said it’s almost Octover and I thought “well that’s a bit of an exaggeration”…till I realized it was the freakin 28th and there were mere days….dayyyys….left.  How did that happen…I don’t remember anything from the 3rd to the 26th ish!?  In my defense, I am getting over a horrendous case of the flu and I can humbly admit that it kicked my butt, still is actually and I’ve been in a drug induced haze (and not a fun one). So I feel that there were extenuating circumstances to me losing the month and I qualify for a do-over.  For the entire month.  I’m going to need to see a manager.

While we’re waiting on that, take a minute and think if you need some last minute shopping for Halloween.  Nightshade is open for two more days (and you know you need this blindfold…it comes with all the bloody tatts and detached eyeballs….the “earring’s” a GIFT!), so hop on that!

[monso] Ruya Hair
[MANDALA] INVINCIBLE Choker/Necklace set
Little Foxy Beauty – Katherine skin in Porcelain tone @ Nightshade till Nov. 1st
:La Maldita Bruja: Slepy bloody eyes and mouth @ Nightshade till Nov. 1st
:LMB: Slepy Blindfold @ Nightshade till Nov. 1st
:LMB: Slepy Eye Pin Gift Black @ Nightshade till Nov. 1st
:LMB: Slepy Eye (holdable) @ Nightshade till Nov. 1st
panDEMONium – “Pretty” tattoo @ Nightshade till Nov. 1st
Mirage – 11th hour Latex gloves @ Nightshade till Nov. 1st
Diversion – Narcissa Dress @ Nightshade till Nov. 1st
STUN Poses – Jade 4 pose, from a previous weekend sale

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