Tannenbaum 2022

SONG – Prism eyes (EvoX, Catwa, Genus, Mesh, Omega) @ Tannenbaum 2022 till Dec. 23rd
okkbye – EvoX Bia face w/ makeup, Frost tone (Velour fantasy tone) @ Tannenbaum 2022
NO.MATCH_NO_CHANGES HAIR (unicorn tone) @ Tannenbaum 2022
-Sorumin- Long&Home Sweater (Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra, Ebody) @ Tannenbaum 2022
+Half-Deer+ Winter Light Trees – Draped – (silver or gold- sm., med and lg.) @ Tannenbaum 2022
STUN Poses – Sydney 4 (curve), from this weekends sale

Tannenbaum poster 2022

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