LeLUTKA’s Holiday Special 2022

LeLUTKA’s at it again this year….spreading cheer to anyone and everyone in their quest to make the SL world a little less stressful and a lot more joyful during the holidays. If you were around last year…and not living under an SL rock…LeLUTKA gathered some spectacular designers in a group collab to offer some fabulous free gifts to go along with the 2 free heads they were offering. There were 12 ish designers last year…there are 55 this year. The 2 free heads from LeL are Raven (female) and Quinn (male). You don’t have to be in the group to get them and they’re not available in the mainstore….you have to go to one of the 4 designated gift sims to grab them (the LM’s are below). The skin from leLAPEAU is also on those sims. You have to do some strategic hopping around for the rest of the gifties but Seraphim makes it easy….just go to their website and look through the offerings and TP over. Most of the stores (not all) require a group tag to grab the gift, but they are all offering free group join during the giveaway. The Holiday Special will go on till December 30th (and if you remember from last year…not a second after).

I hit maybe half the stores this evening and it wasn’t horrible. Did I land on peeps everytime I landed…you bet…and was surrounded by a crowd no matter which way I turned to get out of the way to look for the Holiday sign, but the payoff was well worth it and everyone was in a good mood. The open chatter was positive and everyone was helpful. It did take me a hot minute to get to one of the sims for LeLUTKA, the 3rd one finally worked for me. There is a 10 minute limit before you get kicked out, but honestly, what do you need even 5 minutes for!? Get in, grab the heads and get out. They’re the only thing on the gift sims….hard to miss even with 40 people around you…and there are multiple ads posters, so everyone’s not hitting on the same one causing delivery lag. I dare anyone to find fault, criticize, or look for a negative angle here…even the Grinch and Scrooge would be hard pressed to grumble.


LeLutka/LeLapeau Gift Sim
LeLutka/LeLapeau Gift Sim 2
LeLutka/LeLapeau Gift Sim 3
LeLutka/LeLapeau Gift Sim 4

LeLUTKA – EvoX RAVEN 3.1 for the Holiday Special (FREE!) No group tag needed
leLAPEAU – Elsa EvoX skin in peach w/brow (entire fatpack is included for the Holiday Special, no group tag needed)
Avi-Glam – Noel eyes (EvoX,Evo, Bom, Mesh, set of 12 included, free group tag needed) for the Holiday Special (FREE!)
WarPaint – Esteem eyeshadow (EvoX, set of 8 shadows, free group tag needed) for the Holiday Special (FREE!)
CAZIMI – Sugar Plum lipstick, (BoM, set of 13 w/ shine enhancers included, no group tag needed) for the Holiday Special (FREE!)
Not Found – Christmas hairbase (to match Doux’s pony!, BoM, male and female, black, 3 blonds, brown, ginger and grey tones, free group tag needed) for the Holiday Special (FREE!)
DOUX – 2022 Christmas Hairstyle (just the ponytail, free group tag needed) for the Holiday Special (FREE!)
[Heartsdale Jewellery] Art Deco Earring Santa Baby @ The Arcade till Dec. 31st
[Glitzz] Lake Dress – red, from a weekend sale
STUN Poses – Vanille 1, from a previous weekend sale

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