So, hope you’re staying toasty warm wherever you’re at! I’m not leaving my cozy abode till a few days after Christmas. The temps are supposed to drop past freezing tonight (I’m on the Gulf Coast, so this is a thing where people go crazy looking for pool noodles to wrap around exposed pipes) so I’ll be trying to coax the stray kitties into the warmth and baking (pies, not kitties…best cold weather therapy ever). ❤

My face today is by ND/MD and is available at the Reborn Event. Nia is EvoX BoM, comes in 12 tones, brows or no brows, freckles, moles, HDL stuff for flat chests and petite upper body skins, and brow shape. This skin was made with the lel Ceylon head or the AK Sally head in mind, and has shapes for those….but if you’re a group member there’s a free shape for the new lel Raven head that’s out for the Holiday Special right now. That’s what I’m wearing….with absolutely no tweaks to any of the sliders. I also have not edited any of the skin nor used any special lights, filters or extra makeup. It’s just the satin tone skin with the freckles and moles that come with….this is what Nia looks like out the box. ❤

LeLUTKA – EvoX RAVEN 3.1, FREE gift for the Holiday Special 2022 till Dec. 30th
Avi-Glam – Noel eyes, FREE group gift for the Holiday Special 2022 till Dec. 30th
ND/MD – Nia skin in Satin tone, Nia brow and head shape for LeL Raven head, Nia freckles and moles. @ Reborn Event
.[ KUMIHO ]. Spiky Ornament Earrings v1 @ Gothmas Market 2022 till Dec. 27th
[Glitzz] Petra Collar – Red – Maitreya (goes with the Petra set that’s available under the tree for Advent for 25L)
::Gabriel:: Fur neck warmer (resizable) Ivory

LeLutka/LeLapeau Gift Sim
LeLutka/LeLapeau Gift Sim 2
LeLutka/LeLapeau Gift Sim 3
LeLutka/LeLapeau Gift Sim 4

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