Wake the f*ck up

But whyyyyyy!?

Seriously…why? If I scheduled this right, it’s the crack of freaking dawn on a Sunday morning where I’m at…and I am freaking sleeping in. Then coffee. Then more coffee and some King Cake (I picked one up with cream cheese filling from Randazzo’s this morning and it’s soooooo yummy). Then more coffee…we’re not kidding anyone. ❤

By the way….no makeup, no filters, no fancy lighting, no editing of the skin. All I did was soften around the edges of the hair and cardigan and crop. This is exactly what the Liv skin in Lama tone with freckles and moles looks like on the Raven head. I blog skins a lot and I never ever edit or filter them. If I don’t like the skin the way it is when I put it on, I take it off and don’t blog it. ❤

DOUX – Jillian Hairstyle @ Dubai till Feb. 10th
ND/MD – Liv face in Lama tone (EvoX face and HDL*Plus body tone) w/ face and body freckles and moles (comes with) @ The Reborn Event till Feb. 7th
Avi-Glam – Noel eyes
VOBE – Lyar earrings, gold, from a previous weekend sale
Kibitz – Gwen’s collar – gold, from a previous weekend sale
roslyn. rory tank top. camel, from a current weekend sale
roslyn. rory cardigan. blush, from a current weekend sale
:::ChicChica::: Valentine coffee cup and hold (comes in a set of 6 different designs), from a current weekend sale
pose comes from AL and holdable

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