Does a body good

The milk lobby did not endorse this blog, but I doubt they’d be pissed that I borrowed their catch phrase. Are there such things as milk influencers? I’m a fan of alll the milks, kinda hooked on this one oat milk at the moment…half oat half coconut….yummmmmm. I’d be a freaking great milk influencer….and an even better coffee influencer…put them together…cafe au lait….for the win win. ❤

Also, since I’m working here….I am wearing the newest skin from ND/MD, Ida. I added ND/MD’s freckles option (cause…freckles) but other than that I have not added anything else. No lipstick, blush, eyeshadow…no other makeup…and I have not edited, filtered, or specially lit any part of that face. This is exactly how Ida looks out of the box with the brows option (I LOVE the brows!). It’s my shape, of course, but if you wanna look at options other than the shape you usually wear Ida does come with one. ❤

Lastly…killed it with the weekend shopping sales. ❤

DOUX – Unruly Hairstyle @ Dubai till March 15th
ND/MD – IDA Skin in Lama tone w/ freckles….soooo freaking gorgeous (Also wearing HDL Plus body skin in Lama with freckles option from ND/MD) @ UBER till March 22nd
Avi-Glam – Mermaid eyes
e.marie // Jimena Earrings – Golds (EvoX) , for a current weekend sale
Kibitz – Liz’s collar – gold, for a current weekend sale
AsteroidBox. Juley Shirt , FLF Pattern, out for Fifty Linden Friday
BONDI – Dua Milk Bottle, for a current weekend sale
STUN Poses – Gaia 1 pose, from a previous weekend sale (right arm slightly modded due to holdable)

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