LeLUTKA Vivian for Skin Fair 2023

Skin Fair 2023, presented by Juniper Events and sponsored by LeLUTKA, swings open it’s glorious doors this Friday, March 10th @ Noon SLT. Are you ready? No you’re not….don’t lie. Join the in-world group and start amassing the demo’s…find a nice quiet lag free spot and start opening and trying on. Make your shopping list and prepare…it’s gonna be epic!

Join Juniper Events(free to join) using the following link pasted into your browser: secondlife:///app/group/8cac56c3-49a0-012c-2c35-7836985af398/about

So, LeLUTKA’s newest female head, Vivian, will be the exclusive this year (there’s a new male head too!). Is she not gorgeous!?!? I have done zero editing on this shot, no filters, no fancy lighting and I used the notch between High and Ultra on graphics. I’m wearing Vivian with the skin that comes with her in Velour’s Rose Kiss tone. Also the default shape (no mods), HUD eyes, one of the lighter eyeshadows and one of the piercings that’s in the folder. When you buy the head you get a plethora of items with it. If you’re a LeL head owner you know this…but if this is a first time…look at what’s included! Down towards the bottom…all those “unpack-addons”…tons of goodies in those too. Makeup, hairbases, piercings…etc.. The value is phenomenal! Definitely should be on the top of your shopping list!

Also, the HUD is the same if you already own a 3.1 head…so easy squeezy and choices galore!

LeLUTKA EvoX VIVIAN 3.1 for Skin Fair 2023, opening March 10th @ Noon SLT
LeL EvoX Vivian skin in Rose Kiss (Velour shade)
LeL EvoX Hairbase # 047
Vivian Brow # 004
LeL eyes and lashes from HUD
LeL upper lip piercing from the addon folder
LeL EvoX Eyeshadow # 054
Vivian brow shape
Vivian default head/body shape…no modification

*wearing the “charming” basic mood animation from the HUD

NOT wearing any lipstick, blush, freckles or any other added makeup except for that eyeshadow…this IS Vivian

:Dernier: “Rina” Hooded Dress – Beige, from a previous weekend sale
Go & See – Shiver 5 pose, from a previous weekend sale

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