8 ball says……

8 ball says…100% YES! Definitely time to try the updated Belleza Curvy body! I’m wearing the default shape, which I have to tell you is pretty tame compared to a few of the other shapes in the box. I’m not used to all that badonk-a-donk so I’m starting “small”ish. You can also try the athletic, curvy, fit, luscious, pear or petite shapes that come with the body…..then just tweak to your liking…..it’s all tweakable. ❤

Practically everything I have on if from this past weekends sales (a few I grabbed today, luckily, since I was busy being the Easter Bunny yesterday)….so you may still get lucky! Also…btw…the 8 ball works! Touch it and you shake it, then a message appears. There were way too many messages for me to have the patience to count….but they are adorable and look…it did say YES! ❤

FAGA – Jess Hairstyle, from a weekend sale
Piece Of Me – Freesia Hoops Earrings, from a weekend sale
Belleza– Gen.X Curvy Body V1.2, w/ tone 09 & freckles, default shape
Addams // Raquel Gem Studded Top & Banded Panty // GenX Curvy, from a weekend sale
Addams // Raquel Distressed Short // GenX Curvy, from a weekend sale
:::ChicChica::: Magic 8 ball (yes, it works!), from a weekend sale
STUN Poses – Melani 6 pose (right hand modified due to holdable), from a weekend sale

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