Real housewives of the sunflower field

Fungalmire is a forest steeped in legend and myth, where ancient trees and giant mushrooms tell tales of times past. Winding paths lead to hidden nooks where visitors might stumble upon forgotten artifacts or catch a glimpse of a mystical creature or two. As night falls, the forest seems to come alive with the sound of rustling leaves and whispers on the wind, a place where stories both old and new are waiting to be told.

Today I spent time on Fungalmire (where my gorgeous Sunflower costume comes from…coincidence? I think not) amongst the giant shrooms….I felt right at home ❤

Fungalmire, along with shopping, is the Literary Fest Region and the home of the Stump Theater (which hosts the Film Festival). Aside from the sheer adventure of wandering, I had several ulterior motives for visiting Fungalmire this morning. One was an event for Lit Fest at the Stump. Having had a past interest in WoW, I dropped in this morning to watch The Fantasy Lore of the World of Warcraft with Sam Puren…fun, interesting, and great creature watching ❤

To check in on all the events offered this year for Lit Fest, peruse the Literary Festival and Film Festival Schedule

Fantasy Faire 2023 Website with daily events, updates, SLuRLs, gossip, and everything else you can think of!

Shopping Guide

Alphabetical store list with direct LM’s

TRUTH / Muse (tinted green) for The Saturday Sale this weekend
Lara Hurley – Cia face in midtone
Avi-Glam – Mermaid eyes
Belleza – Gen.X Classic body, updated
Forest Fantasy Store (FFS) – Sunflower outfit, including face, ear and body BoM tattoos, hat, flower pasties, pelvic cover, forearm bracelets, anklets and staff @ Fantasy Faire 2023 on the Fungalmire sim till May 7th
dust bunny . chubbees plushie . yellow for The Saturday Sale this weekend
LODE Accessory – Bumble Bees
{NANTRA} Sunflowers Backdrop with pose (except, of course, the pose is modified due to the 2 holdables)

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