Exceptional goodness from Axix for the FGC.  Zhilan is an interesting set comprised of a mask, a scarf, a bracelet and hand wings. Huds are included to change metal and fabric colors on the mask and scarf.  Then there’s the hand wings….who thinks of that!!?  Look how absolutely cool they are….they’re mod…so stretch them up or down…make… Read More Zhilan

The Priestess

Time for the FGC again….seems like the last round just closed!  Sax Shepherd has a gorgeous set called The Priest of Khepri (why’s it gotta be a Priest Sax, what wrong with a Priestess?? <winks> ) The Priest of Khepri  pieces are L$50 per spin and have 10 common jewelry sets that include necklace and earrings,… Read More The Priestess