The Priestess

Time for the FGC again….seems like the last round just closed!  Sax Shepherd has a gorgeous set called The Priest of Khepri (why’s it gotta be a Priest Sax, what wrong with a Priestess?? <winks> ) The Priest of Khepri  pieces are L$50 per spin and have 10 common jewelry sets that include necklace and earrings, 4 common scepters and 4 RARE staffs.  All sets include a HUD providing endless combinations of sun pearls, metals and beads.  Both scepters and staffs include a HUD that allows the owner to choose from 10 different scarabs and sun pearls.   The FGC will be open to the public November 4th so hold on to your horsies.

The Priestess

Tales of Fantasy runs till Monday night, so there’s still time to go check out the goodies there.  My favorite is the armor from Axix….now exactly what this armor is going to protect I’m not sure….but damn it looks gooood.

UREI is the newest hair style from Argrace, a wild and windblown cut that is perfect for photographers and bloggers.  It works so well with 8f8’s stone horns…and how cute are they with the ribbons and sparklies!  The Renaissance horns are currently at The Fantasy Collective till the 15th of November (3 days after someones birthday…hint hint).

The Priestess cropped

The spellbook from Kei Spot is so spectacularly detailed.  I’m wearing the short chain version but there is also a sheath version, and open one, one on a necklace and even a spellbook tree (stay tuned…the blog with those are coming up!).  The spellbook is also at the FGC, yet another reason to storm the doors when they open!

The fabulous lipstick is from SF and is at the Seelie Court right now….I love that they’re doing the Unseelie this round…so many edgy dark yummies 🙂

The Nia Moon ring is a free group gift from Sax and went beautifully with the set…you may remember the Nia Moon set from a previous FGC, they were quite popular.  The rings are available instore to all members of the SSD group ❤

The Spellbook

*ARGRACE* UREI – Platinum NEW!
8f8 – Renaissance Horns – STONE @ The Fantasy Collective
!SSD Gatcha ~ Priest of Khepri Necklace @ FGC
!SSD Gatcha ~ Priest of Khepri Earrings @ FGC
!SSD Gatcha ~ Priest of Khepri Staff RARE @ FGC
!SSD Gatcha ~ Priest of Khepri Scepter @ FGC
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Gift Ring (Bronze) FREE group gift!
Kei’s Spellbook Sheath Short Chain (bluestone)  @ FGC
::Axix:: Leonah Armor Top [Old gold] @ Tales of Fantasy
::Axix:: Leonah Armor Thong [Old gold] @ Tales of Fantasy
.:SF:. “underdark” lipstick – neutral Amaranth @ The Seelie Court
Paperbag. Bindi Crown face tattoo @ The Cosmetic Fair
#adored – haunt eyeshadows – golden @ The Cosmetic Fair
{Dead Apples} Almost Human Thunder- Dried out eyes @ The Cosmetic Fair
*~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears
Belleza– Venus mesh body
Belleza– Grace med # 5 skin

Exposeur – Spring Singles 28 M

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