After visiting my man Mickey, I ran down the road to see my other boyfriend, Harry Potter (I can openly admit to this now that he’s of legal age…..don’t judge). I’m a Potterphile too and love all things connected. I was amazed that no one else was representing here….not even a little Gryffindor summer scarf or something……crummy wannabe’s, I tell ya. What I did see were hordes of sweaty peeps bellying up to the Butterbeer cart (which sadly is neither butter nor beer….huh). The town of Hogsmeade is awesome, and I hear an expansion is in the works….I hope so cause its too tight for all these people! Hogwarts itself is beyond awesome and there were lots of opportunities to hang with Harry (and the others….but really…its allll about Harry).

Location: Universal Studios, Florida, USA

Gryffindor outfit: M&I (free on the Marketplace!!)
Hair by D!va – Mimi (type A)
Shorts by Siam, indigo bleached mesh shorts
Pose by LOVEmeBRUTAL, But where is the…

Chit I always wear:
Glam Affair – Cleo Jamaica 10
Redgrave body shape – Vivian (modified)
Slink mesh hands, elegant
Slink mesh feet, medium height
Redgrave eyes – tealgreen
Redgrave eyelashes #39 luscious

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