Box Guy

I live on the Mainland, always have. I’ve actually had my beach in Rideau now for almost 4 years. I started small and grew it over time, and now my sanctuary runs from protected oceanfront to Route 8, a great Linden road on the continent of Sansara. If you’ve ever traveled around mainland you’ve noticed… Read More Box Guy

Eye candy

It had stopped raining and I was standing on the dock shaking off the wet and generally staring at myself (don’t judge, you know you do it). I was debating on a clothing change when I glanced over and saw this…..a beautiful man sitting on a boat…contemplating life. He was gracious enough to sit still… Read More Eye candy

breakfast musings

Ya know, I have a pretty big piece of property on Mainland…prime oceanfront spot. And I’m always working on it…I should change the name of it from Sanctuary to Work in Progress….and I’m always decorating and redecorating and landscaping (damn you Alex Bader). Yet here I find myself…again….on Darth’s sim, LennonParkOnTheRock, taking pictures. What is… Read More breakfast musings


More Donna Flora :). How much jewelry (insert hair and/or shoes also here) can one girl have?! endless…ridiculously endless…. What I’m wearing: Magika – Calm hair The Sea Hole – Lichtenstein halter top (mango) The Sea Hole – Lichtenstein (mesh) skirt (punch) Donna Flora Flora topaz ring Donna Flora Gloria watch Donna Flora Gabriela necKlace… Read More Reflections